Friday, May 29, 2009

Antidepressants That Sound Like They Might Be Fun

Celexa—A fun, outer-space suicide cult on vacation। Maybe in France. Or a sassy stripper.

Zoloft—A magical and wonderful world of robots somewhere in the near future.

Zelapar—Another, better, more wonderful and magical world of robots in the future.

Desyrel—A world of heavily tattooed, drunk, hippie wench chicks at the local Renaissance Faire.

Zelapar, Nardil, and Marplan—A kabob house and hookah lounge in Lebanon that gets crazy at night.

Remeron—A cool place with a science fiction or friendly alien buzz.

Lustral—A land of gorgeous, luxurious, shining hair. Or a city in Egypt. Or both.

Lexapro—Masculine and professional like HomeDepot. Or a fax-photocopier.

Paxil—Peace. A pill. Peace in a pill, man. Om Shanti Om.

St. John's Wort—Spiritual whisky mash. Organic.

Asendin—Manifest Destiny in pill form. I wanna be taken higher.

Wellbutrin—Perfect well-being and overall wonderfulness. No aftertaste.

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