Garamond Gangsta Typeface

About the Typeface
The typeface in this document was developed during a delightful pharmacologic experiment in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, a ways back. See, these two gals had a VW beetle and statistically significant amounts of tequila. Anyway, it was really hot and we were really thirsty. One thing led to another. And it was the 60s, you know? Oh, wait. You said typeface. Whoops! That’s completely different. Sorry. My bad.

About the Typeface, Part II
This document was typeset under great duress in Garamond Gangsta. Inspired by post-modern archetypal urban philosophical thought about man’s inhumanity to man, the role of violent revolution to overthrow the man, versus peaceful nonviolence as a mechanism to produce social change, and a splitting headache after an all-nighter, Garamond Gangsta is based on the American Type Founders design by RapMaster “Street” T. as a homage to sixteenth century type designer Claude Garamond.

Well known as both a type designer and a street fighting man, Claude Garamond spent much of his life trying to explain why a grown man would want to design typeface. Despite or perhaps because of such setbacks, and true to his dream to find the perfect typeface, Garamond based much of his work on Venetian typeface designers, street poets, and pickpockets.

His dream continues today via Microsoft Word. Yo. Typeface this.