Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why the Al and Tipper Gore Split Seems Boring

Lacks an Eliot Spitzer prostitution ring 
No John Edwards adultery + chemo thang
Lacks Heather Mills temper tantrums 
That whole Gulf of Mexico thing
Global warming: lost that loving feeling?
Lacks the James McGreevey "whoops I'm gay" thing
Gore marriage more believable than Clinton "marriage"
Lacks the Mel Gibson anti-semitic rants 
Makes Iran-Contra affair seem like a real affair
Lacks Governor Mark Sanford's whining
No divorce by Twitter ala Jim Carrey
Lacks the bizarre touches of a Mike Tyson
No A-Rod affair with Madonna
Lacks the obvious adultery of Rudy Giuliani
Just to ask: What was Lisa Marie thinking?
Lacks the Whitney Houston-Bobby Brown drama

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