Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Few More Things that God Presumably Told Presidential Candidate Rick Perry the Other Day

  • Um, Rick. I did not issue a Divine Calling for you to run for the US President. If I make a Divine Calling, you'll know. Ask Anthony Weiner.
  • Michelle Bachman's migrane headaches? Yeah. Now that's Me.
  • Rick, stop invoking My name about natural disasters. They are: Natural disasters.
  • Rick, about your hair: Cut, Cap, and Balance, dude.
  • You wondered "Is Michelle Bachman's husband an anti-gay gay?" "Is Glenn Beck berzerk?" Duh.
  • Tim Pawlenty should worry less about Bachman's migranes and more his upcoming anyeurism.
  • Michelle Bachman: Hates Government Health Care and Gays but has Gay husband and Government Doctor.
  • Neither Sean Hannity nor Bill O'Reilly will join Me in heaven. Brit Hume is a "Maybe."
  • Pawlenty ripping Bachman's record of achievement is fun, right? Just say thanks.
  • I see another bus in Sarah Palin's future.
  • Even I don't understand why people who say Government is the problem want to get a job in the Government.What's that about?

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