Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Charlie Sheen's To-Do List

Get today’s Groupon for customized nutrition bars & call it #WINNING
Update my LinkedIn page to include new brain and Adonis DNA.
Renew my subscription to Manic Psycho Rant Monthly magazine.
Call Qaddafi’s radio show and rant RE Libyan TV series  2،5 الرجال
Return Modern Man In Search of a Soul by Carl Jung to the library.
Drop by the church and get ashes!
Drive to Target to get a few more bottles of Tiger Blood.
Ask NATO to establish a no fly zone over my house.
Sharpen my machete for a fight in the Octogon.
Think about a new charitable cause I can support while high.
Get seven gram rocks of cocaine, because that’s how I roll.
Threaten to sue somebody. Maybe sue myself? Gnarly.

Call Daddy.

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